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Illegal prescription charges warrant strong criminal defense

In Fairfax and across Virginia, drug charges are generally perceived to be related to illegal substances, like cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and other scheduled narcotics. Street dealers, distributors and traffickers are common targets of police investigations. While legal violations related to these drugs will lead to an arrest, people who are trusted with the right to give prescriptions can also face drug charges. Medical professionals who are accused of illegal behavior with prescription drugs must remember that they need criminal defense when arrested on these charges.

A doctor was arrested amid accusations that he gave illegal prescriptions for Adderall. The man, 48, was subject to an investigation by undercover law enforcement. According the prosecutors, over nearly two years, he gave 15,000 such prescriptions. This occurred from Jan. 2017 to Sept. 2018. Pharmacies in the area refused to fill the prescriptions given by this doctor. He had a prior issue with his medical license having been suspended in 2012. This too was linked to prescriptions.

Officers began their investigation by posing as patients in 2018. The doctor gave them a month's supply of the drug. The officers did not have a medical need for it. One of the officers told the doctor she needed the drugs to enhance her workouts. This is not a legitimate reason to prescribe it. He also gave extra pills for one of the officer's "friends." Adderall is a Schedule II drug, meaning the charges are felonies. He could be sentenced to up to two decades in jail.

Anyone who is arrested on drug charges should remember how severely the state takes these criminal acts. There can be substantial penalties including fines and jail time. It is especially worrisome for those who make their living in the medical field and might no longer be able to work as doctors, nurses or pharmacists because of these charges. The investigation could have been flawed. There could be other avenues of defense or the opportunity to have a plea bargain. A law firm experienced in criminal defense for drug charges may help with a case and achieving a successful resolution.

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