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Why do negligence claims focus on “the reasonable person?”

| Feb 11, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Each day Virginia residents are expected to do their best as they work in their jobs, take care of their families and interact with their communities. They strive to provide themselves and their loved ones with the care and consideration that they require to be successful. However, as humans, many people will make mistakes and cause accidents from time to time that fall outside of their efforts to always be at their best.

These mistakes and accidents are often caused by negligence, which occurs when individuals fail to act reasonably given their circumstances. Personal injury legal claims are often built upon claims of negligence and individuals who assert that others hurt them because of negligence may state that the responsible parties did not act as reasonable people would in their situations.

The “reasonable person” is not a real individual, but an idea of what a normal person would be in the circumstances that the responsible party confronted. If a driver was texting when they rear-ended another car and caused a victim to suffer injuries, that victim may assert that a reasonable person would not have been distracted by text messages and would have seen traffic in front of them before causing a damaging crash.

The reasonable person standard is an important concept in the personal injury legal field and can help victims build strong cases against the individuals who caused them to suffer injuries and harm. Readers are reminded that this informative post does not provide legal advice. Any guidance that readers wish to receive regarding the reasonable person or other personal injury concepts should be sought from Virginia-based personal injury attorneys.