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Two Injured after Ten Car Crash in Fairfax County

| Oct 1, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Two people were injured in a massive car accident that happened on Tuesday, September 18th, inside of Fairfax County. Reports from the Fairfax County Police Department indicated that the accident happened along Interstate 495’s northbound lanes, shortly before this heavily trafficked road crosses with Braddock Road. At the time of this writing, not much information exists regarding the crash, and what we know comes from the preliminary Twitter reports from the authorities as well as from several pictures from the site that were publicly released.

All in all, ten different vehicles were involved in the crash that happened sometime in the morning. It is not clear if the incident took place during rush hour or if the accident happened after the majority of the morning traffic had cleared up. Based on the pictures, it seems that most of the cars involved in the accident were either SUVs or pickup trucks. As well as these, a white 15-passenger van was involved and at least one Nissan sedan.

The pictures show numerous cars in various states of disarray. One SUV is facing the wrong direction, its front left side pressed up against the front left side of another vehicle facing the opposite direction. All along the roadway are pieces of metal, plastic and glass. Another picture shows the rear end of an SUV that appears to have been struck from behind.

While the initial investigation and cleanup was conducted, the police closed three lanes of I-495 in order to properly and safely conduct their work.

Given the level of destruction and damage evidenced in the pictures of the crash, it is a surprise that only two of the people involved in the accident were transported to nearby hospitals. These people were admitted to the emergency care facility with only minor injuries, and it is believed that they were released from the medical center after treatment and observation.

At the time of this writing, it is not clear if the police are holding any one person responsible for the incident. This leads us to believe that the crash is still under investigation.