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60 Gallons of Fuel Spill onto Roadway after Alexandria Crash

| Oct 3, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Emergency crews found themselves rushing to both assess the individuals involved in an auto accident in Alexandria as well as clean up an oil spill that resulted from the collision on Wednesday, September 26th. According to the official reports, the crash happened around 11:15 in the morning and involved two vehicles, one of which was a large dump truck.

We do not know much about the the situation leading up to the crash, and we also do not know many details about the crash itself. It seems that the first reports of the incident reached both the Fairfax County emergency teams as well as the emergency crews working inside of Alexandria at the same time. The city and the county both responded quickly, meaning that numerous units were at the scene of the incident to help assess the damage and administer medical aid to anyone who might need it.

Regarding the crash itself, it appears that the dump truck was headed down South Van Dorn Street, close to where this street intersects with Farrington Avenue, when something occurred to cause the driver to either lose control of the truck or become otherwise unable to retain the truck’s trajectory along the roadway. The truck then collided with a barrier located along the side of the road. While the initial reports did state that two vehicles were involved in this crash, the description of the incident itself does not provide much information as to what role the second vehicle played.

It was while the emergency teams were tending to the people involved in the incident that someone noticed that the truck was leading fuel. A quick call was made and soon there were numerous units from a Fairfax County Hazardous Materials team on the site to clean up and contain the spreading pool of toxic liquid.

Ultimately, 60 gallons of fuel leaked out of the truck and onto the road. It is not clear how much of this was able to be soaked up by the piles of sand that the hazmat crews scattered across the asphalt, and it is also not clear just how this spill will affect the health of the people and other natural life close to the area of the incident itself.