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Two Transported to Hospital with Serious Injuries after Loudoun County Car Crash

| Sep 16, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Early in September, a car crash that happened in the Loudoun County city of Leesburg resulted in numerous lane closures along a highway passing through the area. According to reports from a spokesperson for the Loudoun County Sheriff, Kraig Troxell, the incident happened early in the morning of Monday, September 3rd and involved at least two cars that were traveling down Route 15. 

What we know so far is that it was sometime in early the morning, well before 9:00, when the two cars collided. The reports issued from the Loudoun County Police Department failed to state what exactly caused the crash, and all we know for certain is that it was two cars that were involved. This means that we are in the dark as to whether or not the incident happened to two cars traveling in the same direction, or if perhaps one driver lost control of their vehicle and swerved into the wrong lane. We also do not know if the crash was the result of speeding, substance abuse, or some other factor.

It is believed that the actual collision took place in an area of Route 15 that lies in between Newvalley Church Road and Montresor Road, but it was not immediately clear how close or far from these two locations the incident actually occurred. The report did, however, state that the area surrounding the crash is home to numerous farm stands as well as picturesque vineyards.

We do not know who placed the initial call to emergency services, but numerous members of Loudoun County’s abundant first responders rushed to the area after reports of a serious crash with potential injuries was released.

While we do not know the full extent of the injuries suffered by the victims of the crash, we do know that they were taken from the area to a nearby hospital and that their injuries were deemed serious but not life-threatening.

No information exists on whether or not either of the drivers involved in the crash will face charges for the incident. It is believed that the crash is still under investigation by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.