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Men Arrested after Car Chase in Fairfax County

| Sep 5, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

A helter-skelter car chase through Fairfax County has resulted in two individuals facing many charges while authorities deliberate on handing the duo even additional charges in relation to the incident. It began under somewhat murky circumstances, but we do know that whatever altercation emerged between the two individuals and the police department resulted in a high-speed chase on Tuesday, August 28th. 

The muddled report indicates that both of the individuals involved were on the run after failing to appear in court for the hearing relating to several other charges they had received several weeks prior. In this first incident, it appears that the two men were traveling together when an officer pulled them over for an unspecified traffic violation.

Failing to show up for their court date, the two men were located by police in the area. It is not clear just how the police located the two men, and it is also not clear if they were traveling inside of the same car or if they were both driving their own vehicles. When the driver of the car saw the police behind him, he attempted to flee from the scene, but was ultimately forced to stop the vehicle. Police subsequently arrested him and delivered several charges including driving on a revoked license.

The other person either fled from the area on foot or drove away in a second vehicle. They made their way close to several schools in the area, a choice which resulted in a much more severe police presence than if the schools had remained in the hazy distance.

Eventually, the fleeing man made his way into a private yard and leapt into a garbage can. A K9 unit ultimately located the man inside of the trash. Because the man dove into the trash can head first, his feet were still dangling outside of the container. The dog latched on to one of these feet and remained like this until its officer and trainer called it back to him. The officer then engaged in a conversation with the man in the can, ultimately convincing him to exit the trash receptacle. The fleeing person was then arrested and taken to a waiting ambulance where they were treated for injuries from the dog bite.