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Man Driving Luxury Sports Car Dies in Collision on Old Mount Vernon Road

| Sep 5, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

This past Friday, August 24th, police responded to reports of an auto accident along Old Mount Vernon Road’s 8900 block at close to 9:30 in the evening. It is not clear who called the police to report the incident, although it is possible that an occupant in one of the two cars involved was the one to make the call in the moments after the collision itself took place. Initial reports from the Mount Vernon Police Department withheld the name of the individual in question, although it is not clear if this is because the police were initially unable to identify them or if the family had not given authority for the police to release the information. 

The incident itself involved two luxury vehicles: a Porsche and a Mercedes SUV. Both vehicles were either traveling on Old Mount Vernon Road or were traveling on a perpendicular street. The driver of the Mercedes was attempting to make a left turn onto Old Mount Vernon Road, and the driver of the Porsche – for reasons that are currently under investigation – either failed to see the oncoming car or was otherwise in a condition that made such an observation difficult if not impossible.

As the Mercedes SUV attempted to complete their maneuver, the Porsche collided with the other vehicle. When the police and other emergency response teams reached the area, they found that while the driver of the SUV appeared to be only suffering from minor injuries the driver of the Porsche was in much worse condition. They were rushed to a nearby hospital, but the extent of their injuries prevented medical teams from making much progress and he was declared dead.

At the time of this writing there is no information available on whether or not the driver of the Porsche was speeding, intoxicated, or otherwise. Likewise, it is not clear if the investigating authorities have found culpability with the driver of the Mercedes.

Police are currently working to conclude the investigation into this incident, and any additional updates to the case will emerge from the investigating bodies as they see fit. At this time no details on the identity of the driver of the Mercedes have been released.