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High-Speed Chase Through Arlington Leads to Hit-and-Run

| Sep 21, 2018 | Hit And Run Accidents |

Shortly before 10:00 in the morning, on Wednesday, September 12th, an officer on duty with the Arlington County Police Department was patrolling the area of 900 Army Navy Drive when they saw a car with windows that they believed to be illegally tinted. The officer then activated their emergency lights and initiated a routine traffic stop on the vehicle. At this time, the officer had also run the plates of the car and was aware that the person who was listed as the car’s owner had a warrant out for their arrest due to felony probation violation.

When the person driving the car saw the police lights behind them, they decided that perhaps the best thing to do was try and flee from the area. A high-speed chase began, and it was not long before the fleeing car was able to put a significant amount of distance between themselves and the pursuing officer. While continuing to look for the car, officers in the area received a notification from the Emergency Communications Center that indicated a hit-and-run collision had taken place along the southern lanes of Interstate 395. According to this call, the hit-and-run was caused be a vehicle traveling north through the southbound lanes of I-395.

When officers with the U.S. Park Police immediately began trying to locate the car that fled from the scene, and it might have taken a while for them to capture the vehicle if it had not sustained severe injuries in the hit-and-run. As a result, it could only drive so far away from the scene before it broke down completely.

Officers with the U.S. Park Police also noticed that this car matched the description of the one that had fled from the Arlington County Police Department after the officer attempted to pull them over.

Inside the car were two people. The passenger remained in the vehicle for police to find him, but the second person attempted to run away from the scene on foot. He was apprehend without much challenge and now faces numerous charges including that of a felony hit and run. The car’s passenger, Damion Courtney, was still in the car when the officers reached the area. The driver of the vehicle, on the other hand, was attempting to escape from the authorities of foot. He did not succeed and now the duo are likely to face numerous charges in relation to this and other activities.