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Five Injured after SUV Rollover in Prince William County

| Sep 17, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Early in August, five individuals were sitting together in an SUV that was headed down the southward lane of Route 234 in Prince William County. Reports from the Virginia State Police put the time at close to 5:00 in the evening, and the area where the car was traveling was close to where Route 234 intersects with Interstate 66. This area is also close to the Northern Virginia Community College’s Manassas Campus, and the SUV was drawing very near to this campus when a car headed down the northern lane of Route 234 suddenly swerved out of that lane and into the southbound lane. 

The two cars were now traveling along a path that was leading them to a head-on collision. In order to try and avoid this crash (which would very likely have led to fatal injuries for occupants of both vehicles), the driver of the SUV jerked the wheel so that they abruptly swerved away from the oncoming car. As a result, the head-on collision was avoided, but the driver of the SUV did lose control. The car left the roadway and in the ensuing moments began to overturn.

Emergency response teams rushed to the area, and soon there were police, paramedics, and EMTs all on hand to assist those who had been injured in the crash. According to the report, two of the people inside of the SUV received severe injuries when the car began overturning. One of these people was airlifted to a hospital near to the area. The other three people inside of the SUV also suffered injuries in the rollover, but the report indicated that their wounds were not considered to be life-threatening.

It is not believed that the driver of the car which left the northern lane and entered the southern lane was injured in any way.

As the police investigation began, reports from witnesses and the driver of the car traveling the wrong way down Route 234 suggested that there was a third car involved. A silver Toyota Prius is believed to have actually caused the incident after it abruptly left a parking lot along the northbound lane of Route 234 and forced the other northbound car to swerve into the southbound lane to avoid colliding with the intruder. The driver of the Prius then stepped on the gas and fled from the scene.

Following the accident, Virginia State Police were working with local law enforcement teams as well as all witnesses to try and locate and apprehend the driver of this Prius.