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Driver Dies after Crash Near Alexandria in Fairfax County

| Sep 17, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Two cars were traveling down Old Mount Vernon Road in an area of Fairfax County located somewhat to the south of the city of Alexandria when something happened to cause them to collide with one another. Reports from the Fairfax County Police Department are currently misty as the investigation into the incident remains underway. We do know that following the crash one of the people involved died, but we are not informed regarding the identities, ages, or places of residence of any of those involved. 

The two cars were inside of the 8900 block of Old Mount Vernon Road on Friday, August 24th. We do not know what sorts of cars these were, or if either of them were a make or model larger than a normal car (such as a pickup truck, a box truck, or dump truck). Given that the report did not indicate that either of the vehicles was something out of the ordinary, it seems safe to assume that both of the vehicles involved were cars and that the drivers were civilians traveling to unknown destinations from unknown destinations.

It is not clear if the Fairfax County Police Department knows what happened to cause the crash, but the reports issued from this law enforcement agency failed to state any of the information around this that may have been compiled. Instead, we are left with numerous questions regarding the crash. All we are certain of is that something occurred to cause the two drivers to crash their cars into one another. It is not known if the crash was a head-on crash, a rear-end crash, or a T-bone crash. It is also not known of the two cars were traveling in the same direction or if the accident happened at an intersection of some sort.

Police and other emergency response teams rushed to the area in order to offer their assistance. One of the people involved in the crash was immediately identified as being in severe condition, and the EMTs and paramedics rushed them to the hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, there was only so much that the doctors and nurses on duty could do, and the person died shortly after arriving at the emergency medical center.