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Cyclist Struck by Car in Vienna

| Sep 10, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

A cyclist traveling through the area of Echols Street and East Street in Vienna on Sunday, August 19th, was involved in an accident after being struck by a car trying to make a left turn from East onto Echols shortly before 7:00 in the morning. While information relating to the incident is limited to the few sentences written up by the police for the City of Vienna’s Website, we do know much of the important information. Any additional facts that result from the Vienna Police’s investigation will likely reach the public through the official channels of this governing body, although it is not known if an investigation into the crash is considered ongoing or if the police have concluded any examination into the events and why the occurred. 

The cyclist was riding their bike down the eastbound lane of Echols Street. It is not clear if the area where the cyclist was traveling is a bike lane or if they were using one of the car lanes due to the lack of proper areas for cyclist to safely travel. Either way, as they approached the intersection of Echols Street and East Street they also approached a stoplight at which was stopped a car.

The driver of this car was looking to turn off of East Street and onto Echols Street. It is not clear if the driver checked their mirrors before making the turn or if they simply believed that there was no one beside them. It was as the driver was making this turn that they clipped the bicycle. Due to the collision, the cyclist fell from their bicycle and onto the pavement. It is not believed that the car was traveling at a great rate of speed at the time, and this fact likely prevented the cyclist from suffering from anything other than minor injuries.

Police were either called to the scene or happened upon it during the course of their patrol. Even though the cyclist did indicate that they were injured, neither of the two people involved accepted any medical help from paramedics who also responded to the crash.

The driver of the car was issued a summons: Failure to Pay Full Time and Attention.