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Cyclist Badly Injured in Lorton Crash with Pickup Truck

| Sep 5, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

In the later days of August (on Tuesday, the 21st), police working with the Fairfax County Police department within the city of Lorton found themselves responding to reports of and incident along Peniwill Drive and Ox Road. It is not clear who called the officers to the location, but when they arrived they found that a car had struck a bicycle and its rider, and that the subsequent injuries inflicted upon the rider were severe. 

It was sometime during that Monday night when a pickup truck was driving down one of the above-mentioned roads in Lorton. At the same time, a bicycle and its rider were headed towards the same intersection. The report did not mention whether or not the intersection features a stop light, stop signs, or even a pedestrian crossing zone. The report also failed to mention whether or not the cyclist was riding in the street or if they were along the shoulder or on a crosswalk.

Both the cyclist and the pickup truck driver decided to make their way through the intersection, presumably at the same time. For reasons that are currently under investigation, the driver of the pickup truck failed to notice the cyclist and subsequently struck them with their much larger vehicle. Again, the report does not state who called the emergency teams in to the area, but it seems clear that it was either the driver of the pickup truck or a witness to the incident. It is also not clear if the pickup truck was at the scene when the police reached the crash location or if the driver had left after colliding with the bike.

Paramedics did what they could for the gravely wounded cyclist, but it was clear that any hope the person had lay in their getting to a hospital. The decision was made to call in a helicopter, and the cyclist was flown to the nearest medical facility for treatment. While it is believed that the cyclist survived the initial collision and flight, no report exists on the condition of the person after arriving at the medical center.

As of the end of August, Fairfax County Police were still trying to uncover the details on what happened and were asking anyone who may have witnessed the crash to come forward and provide their testimony.