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Transformer Struck by Drunk Driver in Farmville, Massive Power Outages Follow

| Aug 27, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

On the night of Monday, August 20th, a 28-year-old Burkeville resident was driving their 2014 Ford Fiesta down the southern lanes of Midtown Avenue in Farmville when they lost control of their vehicle and collided with a transformer. According to the official report from the Farmville Police Department, the drunk driver accident took place at close to 9:30 in the evening after the 28-year-old left an unspecified location after consuming what is believed to be an irresponsible amount of alcohol.

The report indicates that the driver of the Fiesta lost control of their vehicle as they were travelling down this particular stretch of road and that they subsequently collided with a transformer that provides power to the entire building within Longwood Landings.

Residents who lived within this structure were subsequently evacuated from the location while police worked with other emergency response crews to solve the power emergency as well as offer any assistance to those in need. The building struck by the driver is part of the Longwood University campus, and those inside of the building at the time are believed to be students of this university. Due to this factor, the incident was treated with a higher degree of possible severity, and buildings located near to the one primarily affected by the crash were also evacuated while university personnel and police attempted to fully understand the scope of the crash and its possible outcomes.

Several hours later, at close to 1:00 in the morning, power was restored to the majority of buildings, but it was not until 10:30 in the morning that all of the buildings were once again receiving the proper amount of power.

The transformer brought in to replace the destroyed one came from Alexandria, and this long transport time likely made the situation last much longer than it otherwise needed to.

The driver of the car was arrested after the incident and subsequently charged with a DUI. Police held the person until a non-intoxicated person came to retrieve them. The court date for the driver of the car is not yet known, and it is believed that the incident is still under some sort of investigation.