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One Dead, Three Injured in Loudoun County Crash

| Aug 19, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Shortly after 11:00 in the evening, officers working within the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office began receiving reports of an incident along Route 7 that involved several vehicles. The report from the Loudoun County deputies indicates that they and numerous other emergency response crews rushed to the scene of the crash where they began to offer medical assistance to several of the people who suffered from injuries in the incident. Although many of the specific details relating to the crash are not publicly available, we do know that it involved at least two cars and that the crash resulted in at least one death and three hospitalizations.

Route 7, which is more commonly known as Harry Byrd Highway, is located close to City Center Boulevard as well as the Algonkian Parkway. Due to the heightened emergency presence and the extent of the damage done to the various cars involved in the crash, a large segment of the eastern lanes of Harry Byrd Highway was closed for a length of time stretching from the genesis of the accident until around 5:45 in the morning, meaning that emergency response crews were involved in cleanup operations for nearly seven hours after the incident itself.

Not much is known about the events that led to the collision between the two cars. Loudoun County deputies have yet to state whether or not the collision was the result of excessive speed, alcohol consumption, a medical emergency, or some other factor. We do not know if the collision was a rear-end crash, or if it was perhaps a head-on collision caused after one of the cars drifted from the western bound lanes into the eastern ones.

At the time of this writing, the crash is still under investigation. As more details emerge, the authorities will release additional information for the public, especially if this information contains unusual or alarming details.

Finally, not much is known about the current condition of the three individuals who were transported from the scene of the crash to a nearby hospital, and the nature of their injuries (critical, severe, traumatic, etc.) was not released in the initial report.