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Sister Killed by Brother in Virginia Hit-and-Run

| Jul 30, 2018 | Murder |

On Saturday, July 21st, a 54-year-old sterling woman and a 58-year-old sterling man were traveling to Dulles Airport sometime before 7:30 in the morning when the pair became embroiled in an argument. An investigation from the Loudoun County Police Department indicates that the two were siblings, and that the 58-year-old brother was driving his 54-year-old sister to the airport where he was going to drop her off for a flight.

They were traveling down Sully Road when they approached the intersection of Sully and Innovation Drive. No information exists on what exactly the pair were arguing about, but we do know that the dispute reached a level of intensity that made the 54-year-old decide to leave the car. According to a report from the Loudoun County Police Department, she exited the vehicle with her travel bags and then began to walk in the direction of the airport.

Information relating to the incident becomes foggy and strange at this point. The woman’s sister told reporters that, according to the police, her sister managed to flag down another motorist and that this new driver had stopped and was preparing to give the 54-year-old woman a ride when another car came down the road, struck her, and then continued on its way. The police also indicated that the car that struck the woman was the same one being driven by her brother.

It is not clear if the brother drove away after the initial altercation and then returned to the scene or if he was driving behind her the entire way. It is also not clear if he was aware that he had struck his sister with his car, although the charges subsequently handed to him by authorities suggest that they believe he was well aware of his actions. The force of the collision caused the woman to suffer from severe injuries and she was declared dead after being transported to a nearby hospital.

Police immediately began to search for the individual behind the hit-and-run, and he was ultimately found several hours later at an unnamed casino where he was gambling. It is believed that he was arrested without incident.

Currently, he faces charges including first-degree murder as well as a felony hit-and-run.