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Manassas Driver Flees After Fatally Colliding with Pedestrian

| Jul 30, 2018 | Hit And Run Accidents |

Police with the Manassas Police Department recently responded to reports of a hit-and-run crash involving a pedestrian. The response from the authorities as well as the subsequent investigation found that the event took place sometime before 2:10 in the morning, when an unnamed person was walking close to the intersection of Dumfries Road and Winterset Drive.

It appears that the individual on foot was walking along the shoulder of Dumfries Road when they decided to attempt to cross the street. The report did not indicate if the area where the person was trying to cross featured a crosswalk or if it was a location that did not feature any sort of pedestrian accessibility or protection. The report also failed to mention if the individual was trying to cross at the intersection or if they were making their way from one side of the street to the other before the location of the intersection itself.

It was as they were walking across the northbound lanes of Dumfries Road that a car approached them. The driver of this car either failed to see the pedestrian or was unable to avoid them once they were seen. The subsequent collision between the motorist and the pedestrian was severe and caused the pedestrian to suffer from injuries that proved to be fatal.

Emergency response crews rushed to the area after they were notified about the incident (it is not clear who called to alert the authorities regarding the situation). Despite the efforts of EMTs and rescue personnel, the pedestrians injuries were too severe for treatment and they were declared dead at the scene.

The person driving the car responsible for the hit-and-run fled from the area after the crash. It is not known how, but Manassas Police reported that this person was later able to be identified and found. It is not clear if they are currently in police custody or if they are still being sought by members of Manassas Police Department. It is also not clear if this person has yet been handed any official charges or if there is still a period of time that will elapse before charges are delivered.