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Driver Crashes into Rear of Arlington School Bus

| Jul 23, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

While driving, most people are aware that school busses are some of the most important vehicles on the road. They carry the children of the future, people small and unable to always protect themselves from the dangers of the world. This is why the fines for driving around a stopped school bus with its sign out are so steep, and why so much work goes in to ensuring that motorists know how to operate their vehicles safely around a school bus.

Several Fridays ago in Arlington, on the 13th of July, a school bus was driving close to the intersection of Washington Boulevard and North Illinois Street. At the time, there were no students in the bus, but drivers on the road should still have been aware of the vehicle and made sure to proceed with extra caution around it.

One driver, who was not named, was approaching the bus from behind in the moments before the intersection. What exactly happened is not clear, and it is possible that the bus stopped suddenly or that the driver of the second vehicle-a grey sedan-simply did not notice that there was a bright yellow school bus driving in front of it. In the resulting collision between the car and the bus, the front of the car was deeply wedged underneath the driver-side corner of the school bus, all the way up to the car’s windshield.

Pictures taken at the scene show that the airbags in the car did deploy and that the front of the car is completely crushed underneath the much larger bus.

The driver of the school bus did not suffer from any injuries, and-as mentioned before-no students were in the bus at the time, a fact that likely prevented any additional hospitalizations. The driver of the car was critically injured as a result of the incident and they were taken to a nearby trauma center for treatment.

At the time of this writing the condition of the driver of the sedan is not known. An investigation into the crash is currently underway by officers working with the Arlington County Police Department.