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Crash Between Motorcycle and Minivan in Arlington Results in Several Hospitalizations

| Jul 10, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

It was close to 6:30 in the morning of Monday, July 2nd, when police working within Arlington received reports of an incident that had taken place inside of the city. According to these reports, an accident had occurred in an area of Columbia Pike that lies somewhere between South Frederick Street and South Dinwiddie Street. When police and other first responders (including paramedics and EMTs) arrived at the designated location, they found two vehicles were indeed involved in a collision.

The report from the Arlington Police Department indicated that a motorcycle and a minivan were both travelling down Columbia Pike when they became involved in a crash. The report did not indicate the make or model of either vehicle and it also failed to provide any details on the identity of the people involved. As to the number of persons that were affected by the crash, we only know of three, and the report failed to mention whether or not these individuals all came from the minivan or if they came from both of the vehicles involved.

No information exists as to what happened to cause the collision in the first place. We know only that the motorcyclist and the minivan collided with one another and that at least one of the people involved was transported by emergency medical services to George Washington University Hospital. The injuries sustained by this person were being treated as severe, however the report also made clear to indicate that the injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.

Two other people where were involved in the crash were also taken to area hospitals. In regards to their situation, the report did not indicate if these two were considered serious cases, but we do know that, similar to the first person mentioned, they were not being treated as life-threatening.

At the time of this writing, no additional facts relating to the collision between the minivan and motorcycle in Arlington is known. It is also not clear if any charges are pending in the case or if officials are viewing any one of the people involved as being primarily responsible for the crash. The investigation is still underway, and as additional facts become known to the authorities they will likely release more information to the public.