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19-Year-Old Leesburg Resident Dies in Single-Car Crash

| Jul 18, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

A single-car crash happened in Loudoun County on Sunday, July 15th, that left a single 19-year-old person dead. Early reports from the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office indicate that the incident took place sometime close to 9:15 in the evening, and that deputies arrived at the scene of the crash after receiving numerous reports from witnesses to the incident.

The reports coming in to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office indicated that the crash occurred in the eastbound lanes of Riverside Parkway and involved a car that had initially been traveling down the parkway’s western lanes. It was as the driver of this car was closing in on the intersection of Riverside Parkway and Kingsport Drive that they lost control of the vehicle and crossed into the opposite lanes.

No indication yet exists as to why the driver of the car lost control of their vehicle, and it is presumed that the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office has deputies currently working on the case to try and unravel just what happened inside of the cab to cause the 19-year-old Leesburg resident to swerve out of the westbound lanes, into the eastbound lanes, and then for his car to begin overturning.

Somehow, even though the time when the incident occurred is still common one for traveling, the car missed all other vehicles on the roadway. Instead, the vehicle rolled over numerous times before finally coming to a stop. It is not known if the car stopped along the eastern lanes or if it made its way off of the roadway and onto the shoulder before coming to a halt.

9-1-1 calls began to flood the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office to report the accident which took place inside the city limits of Leesburg. Soon, deputies and paramedics were at the scene to try and rescue any individuals involved. It is believed that the 19-year-old was alone inside of their car at the time of the incident, and therefore all of the medical attention was reserved for them alone. Unfortunately, the severity of the crash meant that there was nothing emergency response crews could do for the young person. They were declared dead sometime after the incident, although early reports did not indicate if paramedics took them to a hospital or if they were declared dead at the scene.