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Teen Killed During Single-Vehicle Crash in Lorton

| Jun 11, 2018 | Wrongful Death |

Police within the town of Lorton inside of Fairfax County are working on an investigation into an incident that happened on Friday, June 8th that resulted in the death of one teenager and the injury of numerous others. According to the statements so far released by the Fairfax County Police Department, the incident happened close to 11:30 in the morning, along a stretch of Furnace Road that is close to both Lorton Road and Dairy Road. Detectives with the Fairfax County Police noted in the report that the investigation was still ongoing and that, as of the time of the reports release, there is no definitive explanation to why the incident happened.

It appears that a Nissan Maxima was driving down the southern lanes of Lorton Road shortly before noon on the Friday in question. Behind the wheel of the car was a non-licensed, 14-year-old boy. Inside the car with the young teenager were four other people, also teenagers.

The young people were all Prince William County residents and had entered Fairfax County for reasons that are not currently known. It is also not known whose car the young people were driving and if the owner of the car knew that the children had commandeered the vehicle for their own private usage.

It was as the teens were making their way down Furnace Road that the driver of the vehicle lost control of the car. The reasons behind this loss of control are not currently known, although the reports stated that the police have reason to believe that speed was related.

The car left the roadway and drove directly into a tree standing nearby. The force of the collision caused the car to flip over onto the driver side. It is not clear if the car rolled or if it merely tipped over.

Either a witness to the incident or one of the other teens called 9-1-1 to report the single car crash, and soon there were numerous emergency response vehicles from around Fairfax County at the scene. The 14-year-old driver as well as three of the other teens, all 15-years-old, sustained injuries severe enough to require transportation to a hospital. Another child, also 15-years-old, sustained fatal injuries, and was ultimately unable to recover. He was declared deceased, although it is not clear if he died at the scene of the incident or later, after being transported to a hospital.