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Road Rage Leads to Crash in Vienna

| Jun 10, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

A accident that happened on Friday, June 1st, in the Fairfax County city of Vienna is being primarily attributed to road rage that affected one of the collisions participants. Early reports from the Vienna Police Department indicated that the incident took place during the evening rush hour, close to 5:30, and involved several vehicles traveling down the Maple Avenue East’s 800 block. It is not clear exactly why the angry driver became infused with rage, but it seems that they were behind the other vehicle involved when the actual collision took place.

The driver in the front car told authorities that she first began engaging with the second driver as they were driving down the 800 block of Maple Avenue East. The report stated that the two cars were involved in a merger, and driver of the car in front told police that the second car’s driver allowed her to merge into his lane. From here, the incident escalated dramatically.

The driver of the second car apparently pulled his vehicle onto the sidewalk in order to get beside the first car. He then rolled down his window and, with his hand, smacked the side view mirror of the first car’s passenger side. The driver then pulled his vehicle back into the lane behind the first woman’s car.

Traffic at this point must have slowed enough to allow the woman the ability to stop her vehicle and exit it, because she then approached the man’s car to communicate to him that his actions were unacceptable and that he should leave her alone. In response, the man accelerated his car, either struck the woman or the woman’s car, and then drove away. Reports stated that the woman in question was not injured when the second vehicle struck either her or her car.

Either the first driver or a witness to the incident then called the police. Vienna Police were able to get enough information from the first driver and others at the scene to issue a warrant for the arrest of the person driving the second car. This person, a 58-year-old, voluntarily turned himself into the Vienna Police Department. He was then transported to the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center for processing. It is not clear if any trial date has yet been set.