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Rear-End Collision in Vienna

| Jun 12, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Only a few details have emerged regarding an incident that took place in Vienna on the 4th of June that involved two cars traveling down the western lane of Maple Avenue. Police with the Vienna Police Department issued a statement shortly after the collision took place, and this statement made sure to indicate that none of the individuals involved reported suffering any injuries as a result of the crash; however, this does not mean that no injuries were sustained: only that none were officially noted or received medical attention at the scene of the incident.

What we know of the crash is that there were only two vehicles involved and that it happened close to 8:30 in the evening. Both of the vehicles were in the westbound lanes of Maple Avenue, although it is not clear how long the two people had been traveling down this road. It seems that the incident that resulted in the arrival of the police took place while the two drivers were piloting their respective cars down the 400 block of Maple Avenue, although the precise address before which the incident took place was not included in the initial reports.

One of the cars, the one in front, was driving down the road with the driver’s intention being to make a left turn, across the eastbound traffic, into an unspecified place. The area where the driver was attempting to turn from was not a designated turn lane, and it was therefore while still a part of the normal traffic flow that this driver began to slow down. No indication was made in the report as to whether or not this driver used their turn signal as they were initiating the maneuver.

Before the driver of this first car could leave the westbound lanes and make the turn, the driver behind them struck the rear of their car. Some damage was caused to both of the vehicles, and the police were called in-although it is not clear if the call was placed by one of the participants of the accident or if someone who witnessed the event called the authorities.

The driver of the second car, the one following the first, was issued a summons due to their following another car without leaving enough distance between the two vehicles.