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Injuries After Car Runs Red Light in Vienna, Strikes Second Vehicle

| Jun 4, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Members of various law enforcement and rescue teams inside of the Fairfax County city of Vienna were on hand to respond to an incident that took place at the intersection of Maple Avenue and Nutley Street on Sunday, May 27th, while many people were out enjoying the sunshine and warmth of Memorial Day Weekend. According to early reports from the Vienna Police Department, the incident happened at night, shortly before 11:00, and involved two cars, each carrying one driver and an unknown number of passengers.

The incident began when a car, which was not described in the report, heading down the northern lanes of Nutley Street neared the intersection of this street and Maple Avenue. At the same time, another car-also not described-was nearing the same intersection via the eastbound lanes of Maple Avenue. Governing the traffic at this intersection is a traffic signal, and at the time of this incident it was showing red for drivers traveling along Nutley Street and green for drivers coming from Maple Avenue.

Based on this, the driver heading down the eastern lanes of Maple Avenue continued to make their way through the intersection. Unfortunately, the driver going down the northern lanes of Nutley Street either did not see their red light or decided to ignore its implications and continued to drive through the intersection regardless. This resulted in the Nutley Street car T-boning the Maple Avenue car.

Emergency personnel were called in by an unknown individual (either a witness or a member of the two-car crash), and soon members of the Vienna Police Department and other emergency response teams from the city and surrounding Fairfax County were at the scene of the crash to offer assistance to those in need. The report states that several people inside of the two cars involved did suffer from injuries, but it also states that none of these injuries were considered to be life threatening.

The driver of the car headed down Nutley is currently facing charges of failing to obey the law in relation to a red light. It is not clear if the individuals inside of the Maple Avenue car are planning on pressing charges for any injuries or property damage they may have sustained.