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Critical Injuries for Man Pulled from Water After Single Car Crash in Prince George County

| Jun 4, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Late in May, a motorist traveling along Interstate 495 in Prince George’s County was involved in an incident that left them in a life-threatening situation. According to early reports from the Prince George’s County Fire Rescue, the incident happened on Sunday, May 27th, as many people were either traveling to or returning from their memorial day celebrations. It is believed that the person in the car was a solo motorist and that there were no other people inside of the vehicle at the time of the incident.

It remains unclear if the incident had any witnesses or if it was first discovered by a passing member of one of the many emergency response crews working along the I-495 corridor in Virginia. This particular stretch of road is located along an area known as the Capitol Beltway, and the issue occurred just where the Beltway meets Branch Avenue.

Near to the area of this crossing is a body of water, and it appears that the person driving the crashed vehicle lost control of their car as they were traveling along an inside loop of the Capitol Beltway, and that this resulted in their driving off of the road and into this body of water. The reports did not indicate if the body of water was a deep retention pond, a pond located on private property, or a lake of some sort, but we do know that the people who first saw the incident-believed to be off-duty members of a Washington DC Fire and Rescue team-rushed to provide assistance to the trapped individual.

EMS firefighters were also in the area to provide support and help revive the person who was already in critical condition when the emergency response teams reached them. Members of one or another of these various teams entered the water, reached the man, and were able to pull him from his damaged vehicle. As the driver of the car was still unresponsive at the time, these EMS firefighters began to perform CPR in an attempt to revive them.

The man was then rushed to an emergency medical facility where his condition is being closely monitored. No information was immediately available on the man’s current status.