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Clifton Residents Concerned About Dangerous Intersection

| Jun 21, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Numerous residents within a particular neighborhood of Clifton in Fairfax County are becoming increasingly agitated with the lack of response from the Fairfax County Police Department to reports of an intersection that has experienced numerous crashes and incidents. According to one of these residents, an individual who has done a tremendous amount of work to contact state representatives as well as members of the Fairfax Police Department, the intersection in question contains several features that make it exceedingly dangerous to both motorists and pedestrians, and that numerous traffic incidents have born this belief over the past few years.

The intersection at the center of the concern is that between Clifton Road and Moore Road, a location that lies just outside of the Clifton Manor neighborhood as well as a somewhat bigger neighborhood that lies nearby. One of the primary issues with the intersection is that it acts as the only access point to both of these neighborhoods, and any incidents that result in the intersection being closed for any period of time result in the thousands of residents within the neighborhoods becoming trapped until the police reopen the area.

Such is the case of an accident that happened in late April of 2017, when the intersection was closed for over an hour. According to residents, some of the property damage caused by this multi-vehicle crash has yet to be repaired.

The Virginia Department of Transportation has been contacted in relation to the intersection, but repeated complaints by residents have not proven sufficient to result in the desired change to the junction of the two streets. The primary desire from those who live in the area is that a traffic light gets installed at the intersection of the two streets. It is unusual that no such feature exists, especially as Clifton Road received a two-lane expansion in 2005, making it a much more important artery and one where-according to residents-cars travel far more quickly than before.

In order to prevent additional accidents at the intersection, residents are hoping that the VDOT listens to their requests and erects the desired traffic light before more people are injured.