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Child Struck by Car in Vienna Intersection

| Jun 4, 2018 | Pedestrian Accidents |

On Monday, May 28th, a child was on foot along Lawyers Avenue in Vienna when they neared the intersection of Maple Avenue and Lawyers Road. It is not clear if the child was alone at the time or if they were accompanied by their parents. Given that it was Memorial Day, either option is a distinct possibility, although, given the sequence of events, it seems likely that the parents were either with the child or close by at the time when the child decided to cross the street.

At the same time as the child was nearing the intersection of Maple Avenue and Lawyers Road, a car being driven by an individual who was not described in any way was traveling down the western lanes of Maple Avenue.

Based upon the wording of the Vienna Police Department’s statement, it seems as though the light at the time when the child approached the intersection was showing red for travelers along Lawyers Road and green for those driving or walking along Maple Avenue. We know that the child then decided to cross the road, against the light and pedestrian signal.

It is not clear if the driver of the car saw the child crossing and was able to engage the breaks in enough time to prevent severe injury from occurring or if the child was simply fleet-footed enough to leap to a position of greater safety when they realized the extent of the danger threatening them, but it appears that the car struck the child with only a modicum of the force often present in accidents of a similar nature.

The report does not state whether or not 9-1-1 was called, but we do know that the child, who had experienced some injuries in the incident, was taken to a hospital nearby his parents (meaning that they were either witnesses to the incident or in close proximity to where the crash took place). The hospital admitted the child and treated them for what are believed to be only minor injuries.

An investigation from the Vienna Police Department is pending and it is not currently known if any charges are being leveled against the driver of the car