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Car and Bus Struck by Falling Tree in Alexandria

| Jun 27, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Police working within the city of Alexandria in Fairfax County are currently working to help investigate an incident that happened earlier on Tuesday, June 26th, and resulted in a bus as well as a car being struck by a falling tree. Early reports from the scene of the crash indicate that no one was injured as a result of the incident, but it does seem as though several vehicles were badly damaged by the large tree which collapsed due to reasons that are currently under investigation.

The precise time when the incident took place is not clear, although we do know that it happened sometime before 5:00 in the afternoon. We also know that the ordeal happened along North Beauregard Street, close to the intersection of this road and Fillmore Avenue, just inside of the Alexandria city limits.

We also know that the bus in question was a Metrobus, one of Alexandria’s public transportation options, although the reports from the Alexandria Police Department did not indicate whether or not anyone other than the bus driver was aboard the vehicle at the time of the incident. Similarly, the reports did not mention if anyone other than the driver was inside of the car at the time when the tree collapsed onto the two vehicles.

Concerning the tree’s fall, not much is known. It is unclear if there was inclement weather in the area that may have caused the tree to collapse, or if perhaps the tree was located in someone’s backyard and was in the process of being taken down when it toppled in the wrong direction. Pictures from the scene show the large leafy tree draped over the entirety of the two lanes containing the bus and the car. The majority of the bus is trapped underneath the numerous branches lying across the road, and likewise the car seems mostly absorbed within the foliage.

In addition to the two vehicles, the falling tree took out numerous power lines in the area. It is not clear just how many people were left without power after the incident, but it is believed that the power company is not having any unusual difficulty in restoring power to those affected