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2nd Pedestrian in Weeks Killed in City of Reston

| Jun 13, 2018 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Several weeks ago, we reported on an incident that took place in Reston that involved a car and a pedestrian and resulted in the death of a woman shortly before noon. This incident was a highly unusual one, and therefore it comes as a tremendous surprise to residents within Fairfax County that yet another pedestrian death has taken place within the city of Reston. The most recent incident took place on Wednesday, June 8th, and involved a car and a person on foot in the area of Baron Cameron Avenue and Fountain Drive.

Police working within the Fairfax County Police Department issued a report on the incident which provides us with the majority of the details. The person on foot, a 63-year-old Reston resident, was walking along Baron Cameron Avenue, headed towards the intersection of this street and Fountain Drive. At the same time, a Toyota Camry, being driven by an individual who was not named or described in the initial report, was driving down one of the rightmost lanes of Baron Cameron Avenue.

At this point, the pedestrian decided to try and cross the road. It is not clear why the pedestrian chose to do this at an area without a crosswalk, especially as they were drawing near to the intersection where crosswalks are present in abundance. It was as the man made his way off of one sidewalk and towards the other that the Camry came down the road. According to the report, the driver saw the pedestrian in the road and attempted to both swerve out of the way and break to a halt. Unfortunately, neither of these maneuvers were able to prevent the car from striking the pedestrian and inflicting fatal wounds.

Police made sure to note that the driver of the Camry remained at the scene of the incident the entire time and that preliminary investigations have determined that neither speed nor alcohol were contributing factors to the driver’s role in the collision. Fairfax County Police Department investigators are still working to ascertain whether or not any alcohol was present in the blood of the pedestrian.