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June 2018 Archives

Car and Bus Struck by Falling Tree in Alexandria

Police working within the city of Alexandria in Fairfax County are currently working to help investigate an incident that happened earlier on Tuesday, June 26th, and resulted in a bus as well as a car being struck by a falling tree. Early reports from the scene of the crash indicate that no one was injured as a result of the incident, but it does seem as though several vehicles were badly damaged by the large tree which collapsed due to reasons that are currently under investigation.

Driver Charged in Fatal Reston Pedestrian Crash

On Monday, May 21st, a collision between a car and a pedestrian in the city of Reston resulted in the death of a 71-year-old woman. While we reported on the initial crash in this blog, an official update makes the story worth revisiting. The events are already public knowledge related to the incident itself, but are worth summarizing as follows:

Crash in Vienna Sends Two to Hospital with Non Life-Threatening Injuries

Police in Fairfax County working with the Vienna Police Department recently responded to an incident along Maple Avenue that resulted in several injuries. Details of the incident appeared in a roundup of stories written for and published on the City of Vienna's "Press Room" page. While many of the specific details of the crash were not included in the preliminary report, we do know that the incident happened on Tuesday, June 19th, and that it took place between 9:00 and 9:30 in the morning.

Two Injured After Car Overturns Near Burke

An incident that took place in Burke on Friday, June 22nd, resulted in injuries to at least two people who were traveling in a car through the area. According to preliminary reports from the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue (reports that were issued via Twitter), it was close to 7:30 in the morning when a car-that was not described in any way in the tweet itself-driving down Fairfax County Parkway overturned and trapped two people inside of the cab.

Critical Injuries after Car Crashes into Potomac River

Members of the Arlington County Fire Department responded to an incident that happened in Arlington on Friday, June 22nd, and resulted in at least one person being rushed to the hospital in serious condition. What we know comes from Tweets from the official Arlington County Fire Department Twitter account as well as small items featured in local news releases. These two sources of information combine to paint a picture of the incident that is nearly complete.

Road Rage Assault and Hit-and-Run in Manassas

An incident of road rage is believed to be responsible for the numerous injuries sustained by a woman traveling through Manassas on Wednesday, June 13th. Reports from the Prince William County Police indicated that the incident happened along Prince William County Parkway, close to where this road intersects with Hastings Drive. Reports from the Prince William County Police provided enough information to create a fairly complete picture of the terrible events and their aftermath.

Fatal Crash Along Alexandria's Woodrow Wilson Bridge

A massive incident that happened along the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in Alexandria on Wednesday, June 20th, resulted in extensive lane closures, hours of delays, and at least one fatality. Reports on the incident are still emerging from the various members of first responders throughout Prince George's County and beyond, but we do know that it began at close to 11:00 in the morning, as cars were traveling over the bridge.

Clifton Residents Concerned About Dangerous Intersection

Numerous residents within a particular neighborhood of Clifton in Fairfax County are becoming increasingly agitated with the lack of response from the Fairfax County Police Department to reports of an intersection that has experienced numerous crashes and incidents. According to one of these residents, an individual who has done a tremendous amount of work to contact state representatives as well as members of the Fairfax Police Department, the intersection in question contains several features that make it exceedingly dangerous to both motorists and pedestrians, and that numerous traffic incidents have born this belief over the past few years.

Fairfax Woman Charged with DUI After Arrest

A 22-year-old Fairfax County Resident was driving their car near the intersection of Fairfax Boulevard and Picket Road in Fairfax on Friday, June 8th, when they passed an on-duty police officer who noticed something amiss with the vehicle's operation. According to a report from the Fairfax County Police Department, the car was spotted by the police officer shortly after 1:30 in the morning, which suggests that they had been out during the previous night and had remained out until the early hours of the following morning.

Woman Arrested on DUI After Traffic Stop in Fairfax

Fairfax County Police have issued a brief news bulletin on a DUI arrest that took place on June 11th after an officer working within the city of Fairfax pulled over a driver as part of a routine traffic stop. Preliminary information suggests that the incident was not connected to any sort of collision or injury, but that instead the driver of the car was driving their vehicle in a way that the on-duty police officer found to be erratic and potentially dangerous. The report did not indicate if any other traffic laws were violated (such as running a red light or failing to stop at a stop sign), and all we know is that the driver pulled over by the Fairfax County Police Officer was piloting their vehicle in a way that led the officer to believe there might be a problem within the cab.

Motorcyclist Dies After I-66 Crash in Fairfax County

On Friday, June 15th, a Woodbridge resident was riding on a motorcycle along a Fairfax County stretch of Interstate 66 when he was involved in a collision that caused him to suffer from fatal injuries. A report from the Virginia State Troopers outlines the incident as it is currently known, although this report stresses the fact that there are still uncertain elements in the case and an official investigation is currently underway.

63-Year-Old Motorcyclist Killed in Manassas Crash

On Tuesday, June 12th, a man from Manassas was driving his motorcycle down Liberia Avenue when he approached the intersection of Liberia Avenue and Ivy Glen Court. According to an official report from the Manassas City Police, the incident took place close to 4:45 in the afternoon and involved, as well as the aforementioned motorcyclist, an individual driving a car.

Dunn Loring Crash Causes Injuries, Lane Closures

A relatively minor collision in Dunn Loring on one of the last days in May resulted in massive lane closures along a busy intersection just as the morning commute was tapering off towards its conclusion. According to Tweets and other official reports from the Fairfax County Police Department, the crash involved two vehicles that were both traveling down Gallows Road, close to where this street passes by the Dunn Loring Metro Station, and around where the already mentioned street crosses over the heavy trafficked Interstate 495. While we do know that no lives were lost in the collision, it is also a fact that the crash resulted in several injuries.

2nd Pedestrian in Weeks Killed in City of Reston

Several weeks ago, we reported on an incident that took place in Reston that involved a car and a pedestrian and resulted in the death of a woman shortly before noon. This incident was a highly unusual one, and therefore it comes as a tremendous surprise to residents within Fairfax County that yet another pedestrian death has taken place within the city of Reston. The most recent incident took place on Wednesday, June 8th, and involved a car and a person on foot in the area of Baron Cameron Avenue and Fountain Drive.

Rear-End Collision in Vienna

Only a few details have emerged regarding an incident that took place in Vienna on the 4th of June that involved two cars traveling down the western lane of Maple Avenue. Police with the Vienna Police Department issued a statement shortly after the collision took place, and this statement made sure to indicate that none of the individuals involved reported suffering any injuries as a result of the crash; however, this does not mean that no injuries were sustained: only that none were officially noted or received medical attention at the scene of the incident.

Teen Killed During Single-Vehicle Crash in Lorton

Police within the town of Lorton inside of Fairfax County are working on an investigation into an incident that happened on Friday, June 8th that resulted in the death of one teenager and the injury of numerous others. According to the statements so far released by the Fairfax County Police Department, the incident happened close to 11:30 in the morning, along a stretch of Furnace Road that is close to both Lorton Road and Dairy Road. Detectives with the Fairfax County Police noted in the report that the investigation was still ongoing and that, as of the time of the reports release, there is no definitive explanation to why the incident happened.

Car Collides into Dunn Loring Power Pole, Driver Sustains Injuries

A single car accident in the Fairfax County city of Dunn Loring this past Wednesday has investigators looking into the possible reasons behind the incident and subsequent injury of the driver of said car. While much of the information regarding the incident is currently unknown, it is not clear if this is because the investigation is still very much ongoing or because the police have, for obscure reasons, not seen the necessity of releasing the updates to the civilian populace.

Road Rage Leads to Crash in Vienna

A accident that happened on Friday, June 1st, in the Fairfax County city of Vienna is being primarily attributed to road rage that affected one of the collisions participants. Early reports from the Vienna Police Department indicated that the incident took place during the evening rush hour, close to 5:30, and involved several vehicles traveling down the Maple Avenue East's 800 block. It is not clear exactly why the angry driver became infused with rage, but it seems that they were behind the other vehicle involved when the actual collision took place.

Injuries After Car Runs Red Light in Vienna, Strikes Second Vehicle

Members of various law enforcement and rescue teams inside of the Fairfax County city of Vienna were on hand to respond to an incident that took place at the intersection of Maple Avenue and Nutley Street on Sunday, May 27th, while many people were out enjoying the sunshine and warmth of Memorial Day Weekend. According to early reports from the Vienna Police Department, the incident happened at night, shortly before 11:00, and involved two cars, each carrying one driver and an unknown number of passengers.

Child Struck by Car in Vienna Intersection

On Monday, May 28th, a child was on foot along Lawyers Avenue in Vienna when they neared the intersection of Maple Avenue and Lawyers Road. It is not clear if the child was alone at the time or if they were accompanied by their parents. Given that it was Memorial Day, either option is a distinct possibility, although, given the sequence of events, it seems likely that the parents were either with the child or close by at the time when the child decided to cross the street.

Pedestrian Struck by Car in Burke, Severely Injured

An investigation is currently underway to determine just what happened on Wednesday, May 31st, to result in a pedestrian within the city of Burke, in Fairfax County, to suffer from injuries serious enough to threaten his life. Preliminary reports from the Fairfax County Police Department say that the incident involved a single car and the already mentioned pedestrian and that the entire ordeal happened during the evening, just after 9:30.

Critical Injuries for Man Pulled from Water After Single Car Crash in Prince George County

Late in May, a motorist traveling along Interstate 495 in Prince George's County was involved in an incident that left them in a life-threatening situation. According to early reports from the Prince George's County Fire Rescue, the incident happened on Sunday, May 27th, as many people were either traveling to or returning from their memorial day celebrations. It is believed that the person in the car was a solo motorist and that there were no other people inside of the vehicle at the time of the incident.

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