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Warrenton Man Dies in Single Car Crash

| May 17, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

A 60-year-old Warrenton resident died early in May in Prince William County after losing control of their vehicle and colliding with a tree. An official report from the Prince William County Police Department places the location of the incident on the 9700 block of Brentsville Road, close to where this road crosses with Sinclair Road, and within the city limits of Manassas. It was very close to 8:00 in the morning when the Crash Investigation Unit with the Prince William County Police Department arrived on the scene of the incident, although the report did not make clear if this was around the time of the crash itself or if the authorities currently believe the incident to have taken place at some earlier, unspecified time.

The crash as it was reconstructed by the Prince William County Police Department’s Crash Investigation Unit happened as follows:
A 60-year-old Warrenton man was behind the wheel of a 2004 Ford F250 and traveling down the northern lanes of Brentsville Road. As the man was driving through the 9700 block of Brentsville Road, something happened to cause him to either become distracted or to lose control of the vehicle. The truck then traveled across the double yellow line, through all of the southbound lanes and the southbound shoulder, and then over an embankment. The truck lurched down the slope, plowing through shrubs and other greenery as well as a small fence before coming to an abrupt stop against a tree located either at the bottom of the slope or somewhere along the way.

When the first responders and EMTs arrived, the man behind the wheel of the truck (believed to be the only individual inside of the car at the time of the crash) was alive, but badly injured. He was placed inside of an ambulance and rushed to a hospital located near to the area, but the extent of the injuries he suffered in the crash was fatal, and he was pronounced dead some time after being admitted to the medical facility.

The Prince William County Crash Reconstruction Unit is currently working to identify the reasons for the crash. No charges are currently pending.