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Two Fairfax Students Injured After Bus Accident

| May 21, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Parents within Fairfax County received a unwelcome surprise when reports began coming in about a collision on Commonwealth Boulevard and Sideburn Road that involved a school bus carrying students to their classes. A report from the police working within Fairfax County indicated that the incident happened on Monday, May 14th, sometime during the morning. The reports did not immediately specify what time the collision is believed to have taken place.

The school bus in question was one working for an unspecified school district within Fairfax County. It is not clear if the bus had finished collecting students or if it was on its way to pick more children up before going to the school itself, but it appears that it was while the bus was making a turn at the intersection of Commonwealth Boulevard and Sideburn Road that it collided with a large metal pole.

Reports from the Fairfax Police Department indicated that the side mirror on the bus was the primary contact point between the vehicle and the pole. The mirror struck the pole and shattered, sending glass and plastic over the roadway. Due to reasons that have yet to be explained by the Fairfax County Police or any other source, two students were injured when the event took place.

It is not clear if the two students were inside of the bus at the time of the collision or if they were preparing to board the vehicle. If they were inside the bus, it is not known if the collision caused one of the bus’s windows to shatter or if they fell from their seats due to the force of the impact. If they were standing outside the bus, it is possible that the debris from the collision struck them, causing the minor injuries.

The parents of all students involved were notified regarding the collision. No word has surfaced to indicate if the two students injured in the crash were taken to the hospital or if they were able to receive treatment at the scene. Any major developments on this particular story will be announced by the Fairfax County Police.