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Two Die in Springfield After Single-Car Crash

| May 9, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Virginia State Police working inside of Springfield in Fairfax County responded, this past Friday, to reports of a crash that happened along Interstate 495, close to the crossover of the interstate and Eisenhower Avenue. Reports from the VSP indicate that the incident happened early in the morning and resulted in the death of two people, both of whom are believed to have been residents of Alexandria.

According to the reconstruction of events outlined in the report, a member of the Virginia State Police discovered the crash while on routine patrol throughout the area. It was indicated in the press release that this trooper saw a car, believed to be a Nissan Sentra, overturned near to the interstate. The trooper called the incident in, and soon there were numerous other patrol vehicles and emergency response crews at the scene of the crash, looking for possible survivors.

The troopers and paramedics on the scene began to investigate the area, and their preliminary examination was able to determine that the driver of the Nissan, a 22-year-old, was traveling at an extremely high speed when they attempted to take the turnoff from I-495 onto Eisenhower Avenue. The driver of the car was not able to retain control of their vehicle throughout the turn, and at some point the car left the roadway, collided with the Jersey wall, and flipped over.

It is not clear just how long the car was lying on its back before the trooper with the Virginia State Police discovered it, but it does not appear that anyone passed the crash beforehand and that neither of the two occupants of the car-the driver and the 20-year-old passenger-were able to call for emergency assistance on their own.

Despite the efforts of the emergency response crews, EMTs, and paramedics, neither of the two individuals inside of the car were able to be revived. Both of them were declared dead at the scene of the crash.

At the time of this writing , it is not clear if either of the two people in the car were wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash, nor is it clear if police believe if alcohol or other inebriating substances may have been involved.