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Two Car Crash in Vienna Results in Minor Injuries

| May 14, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Police with the Vienna Police Department working within Fairfax County were called in to the scene of an incident that took place at 133 Maple Avenue East on Thursday, May 3rd. According to the official report published on the Vienna PD’s website, the crash involved two vehicles, one of which was driving down Maple Avenue while the other was attempting to turn from private property onto the same road.

Neither of the vehicles or the people involved in the incident were named or described, and we are only certain that there were two cars total that participated in the crash and that at least one of the drivers suffered from minor injuries as a result of the incident.

Regarding the specifics of the collision itself, we know that one of the vehicles was leaving private property shortly before the crash occurred. We do not know if the private property in question was their own or if they were leaving an area owned by someone else. This driver was hoping to turn left out of the lot, crossing traffic, before merging onto Maple Avenue.

The driver of the second car was in a line of traffic progressing down the left lane of Maple Avenue. For reasons that are not clear, the right lane of traffic stopped, but the left continued to move forward. The driver leaving the private property saw the stopped line of traffic closest to them and, it seems, assumed that the second lane was also temporarily halted. It was as this driver edged their car through the stopped cars in the right lane and entered the left lane that the second car struck them.

The airbags within the first vehicle were deployed as a result of the crash. The driver, thinking that her car had ignited in flames, leapt from the vehicle before taking care to ensure that the car was securely in park. Subsequently, the car rolled away from the initial scene of the first accident and caused a second collision.

When emergency response teams from Fairfax County and Vienna arrived at the location of the crash, they noted that the second driver was suffering from some visible injuries, although the report also stated that these injuries were minor.

At the time of this writing, it is not clear if any charges were filed against either of the motorists involved in the collision.