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Two Car Crash in Vienna Leads to Court Summons

| May 25, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

A two car collision in Vienna on Saturday, May 12th, has resulted in one person being issued a summons for having failed to yield to another vehicle who possessed the right of way. A report from the Vienna Police Department working inside of Fairfax County indicates that the accident took place at 115 Park Street, shortly before 12:30 in the afternoon. Only two vehicles were involved in this lunch-hour collision, and the first was driving down the southern lanes of Park Street.

The driver of this car had, as their final destination, the address before which the accident took place: 115 Park Street. The second vehicle, driving down the northern lanes of Park Street was not attempting to turn off of the road, and were continuing on their way to wherever it is they were going when the first car turned in front of them.

It seems that a third car was also involved in the incident, although this third car did not collide with either of the other two. This car was also traveling down the northbound lanes of Park Street and, after seeing the first driver attempting to make the turn, had stopped in order to allow this car to drive across the northern lane and into 115 Park Street. The driver of the first car seemingly took this as an indication that all of the traffic in the northbound lane had stopped and so decided to attempt the turn.

Unfortunately, they did not check to ensure that the traffic had indeed followed the example of the waiting car, and when they began to pull across the northbound lane they collided with the car that had not stopped while driving down the northbound lane.

Police arrived at the scene to find both drivers still there with their cars, waiting until the authorities came to unravel the scenario. At the time of this writing, it is believed that neither of the people involved were injured in the collision, but the driver of the turning car was cited as having failed to yield in a situation where another car possessed the right of way.