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Truck Crashes into Power Pole in Alexandria

| May 21, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Drivers attempting to pass through Old Town Alexandria using the 400 block of Duke Street on Thursday, May 17th, were forced to choose alternate routes after an incident occurred along this stretch of road that rendered it impassible and dangerous. Reports from the police as well as the Port City Wire indicated that the incident involved a large truck and a power pole, and that the collision between these two resulted in numerous downed power lines.

Pictures from the scene show a white Enterprise truck, likely being used as a rental, sitting in the middle of the road with a tall metal pole dangling over the cab and windshield. A tangle of black power lines can be seen hanging from the pole, and some of them are clearly snagged on a corner of the roof of the truck’s cargo area. There is no immediate information on how exactly the car and the power pole came to be in such a precarious situation.

Police withe Alexandria Police Department as well as members of the Alexandria Fire Department arrived after emergency reports began to come into the dispatcher around 10:30 in the morning. When the emergency response teams arrived, they found the scene much as it was described above, and the live power lines were creating a tremendous danger for people attempting to navigate through the area.

The Alexandria Police Department shut the entire block down until utility crews with Dominion Energy could arrive and fix the downed lines. It is not clear how many people were affected by the incident and it is similarly unknown whether or not the utility crews were able to clear the road and repair the lines enough so that traffic could continue to move through the area.

It does not appear that anyone inside of the truck or walking nearby was injured as a result of the crash, although it is possible that there will be injuries that make themselves known in the following days and weeks. The crash between the Enterprise truck and the power pole is still inured investigation by the Alexandria Police Department.