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Tractor-Trailer Crashes on Arlington Sidewalk

| May 21, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Motorists looking to travel along the eastern lanes of Wilson Boulevard in Arlington’s Rosslyn neighborhood on Friday, May 4th, were met with severe delays and detours after an incident that involved a tractor-trailer navigating through the area. The full details surrounding the incident are not currently available to the public, but the Arlington County Police did release some statements and Twitter messages in reference to the event. According to the ACP, the crash involved a single tractor-trailer that was traveling down the eastern lanes of Wilson Boulevard, close to the intersection of Wilson Boulevard and Fort Meyer Drive.

No information currently exists regarding the precise reasons behind the incident. Pictures taken from the scene show a large tractor-trailer with the familiar PFG logo on its side sitting between a concrete building and a terrace of trees flanking the road at 1300 Wilson Boulevard. The truck seems to have departed from the roadway and driven down the sidewalk for some distance before stopping, although it is not clear if the driver of the truck was aware that the area where he was driving was no longer the roadway.

If they were, it is not clear just what happened to cause the driver to lose control of their massive vehicle to such an extent that it departed from the designated driving surface and entered the pedestrian area.

The truck became stuck in the space between the building and the trees, and officers with the Arlington County Police Department found themselves needing to close several surrounding roads in order to create enough space to extricate the truck from its temporary prison. The Twitter post from the Arlington County Police indicated that heavy traffic delays would swamp the area if drivers did not begin seeking alternate routes.

At the time of this writing, it is not believed that anyone was injured as a result of the truck driving along the sidewalk. It is entirely possible that this fact is due to the incident happening early in the day, before foot traffic became more present in the area. While we know that several large towing vehicles were needed to pull the truck free, we do not know how long it took the crews to complete the process.