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One Dead, Unknown Number Injured in Fairfax County Collision

| May 14, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Shortly after 2:00 in the afternoon, an off-duty police officer with the Prince George County Police Department was behind the wheel of an Infiniti sedan and driving down the southern lanes of Interstate 395 in Fairfax County. According to the report from the Fairfax Police Department, the officer, who had been with the Prince George’s County Police Department for nearly 12 years, was nearing the Edsall Road exit, north of Interstate 495, when they suffered what police are calling a “medical emergency.”

It was Tuesday, may 8th, when the incident occurred, and as a result of the events inside of the officer’s Infiniti the officer lost control of the vehicle. The Infiniti swerved across the southern lanes, collided with a 2015 GMC Sierra pickup truck, and then drove off of the road. Still hurtling forward, the Infiniti then hit a Jersey wall before veering back onto the road and crashing into a 2004 Chevrolet.

An individual not believed to be involved with either of the two collisions stopped their car and rushed to the incident site. There, they found the unresponsive officer inside of their Infiniti. The responding individual began performing CPR on the officer and continued to do so until the Fairfax County Fire team as well as EMS personnel arrived to take over.

The officer was taken from their vehicle and transported to Fairfax Inova Hospital. The staff at the hospital did everything they could for the officer, but ultimately they were unable to cause the person to respond. The officer was declared dead sometime after arriving at the medical center.

Preliminary reports failed to adequately summarize the extent of injuries caused to the drivers and passengers in either of the other two vehicles involved in the collision. It is entirely possible that two or more other people suffered minor or serious injuries as a result of the collision, and we are awaiting further updates from emergency medical staff, Fairfax County Police, or other agencies who responded to the initial crash report.

It is not clear if the fatal crash is currently under investigation or if the authorities in this case believe that they have gathered all of the facts that they need to know.