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Numerous Charges, Including DUI, for Teen in Fairfax County

| May 2, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

report from the Sully District Station inside of Fairfax County details an incident that took place early in the morning of Saturday, April 21st, along the 13000 block of Lee Jackson Memorial Highway. An officer working with the Fairfax County Police Department was on patrol in the area when they noticed a car driving by swerve out of its lane. It is not clear how long the car was in the wrong lane, or if it was able to correct its course shortly after the mistake, but the swerve was enough for the officer to become suspicious.

Following the car, the officer on duty entered its license place number into the police database. Subsequently, the officer learned that the car had been stolen. The report did not indicate when theft had take place, but the information was enough to propel the officer into further action.

The person behind the wheel of the vehicle must have noticed the police officer by this time because, just as the officer was about to initiate a traffic stop, the stolen car swerved off of the road, stopped in a parking space nearby, and then jumped from the vehicle and ran off towards a copse of trees and shrubs located nearby.

Additional police units were the called in to assist the first officer in the search for the fleeing person. It was not until around 1:15 in the morning that members of the Fairfax County Police Department found who they now believe to be the person in the stolen vehicle. This individual, an 18-year-old without a permanent address, was discovered asleep or temporarily unconscious at the rear of a townhome located in the 13000 block of Lee Jackson Memorial Highway. The police roused the gentleman and arrested him.

At the time of this writing, the person is believed to be facing numerous charges, including driving while intoxicated, grand larceny, several counts of credit card theft, possession of marijuana, driving without a license, and fleeing from an police officer. It is not clear how long the person was jailed while awaiting charges and it is not clear if they were released on bail after the charges were announced