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Multi-Car Crash on I-495 Near Fairfax County Unleashes Swarm of Bees

| May 9, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

A fairly unusual scenario unfolded along the Capital Beltway, close to the crossover of the Beltway and Georgetown Pike, when a flatbed tractor-trailer struck several other cars recovering from a small accident and unleashed a swarm of bees.

The report from the Virginia State Police states that the incident, which took place just outside of Fairfax County, happened close to 4:00 in the afternoon of Wednesday, May 3rd, and involved at least three vehicles. The first two of these vehicles had become involved in a minor traffic collision in the northbound lanes of I-495 and the drivers were in the process of exiting the travel lanes to assess the damage to their cars when the tractor-trailer entered the scene.

The truck, for reasons that are currently under investigation, swerved off of the main lanes of northbound I-495 and collided with the Jersey wall located along the shoulder. After hitting the Jersey wall, the truck rebounded back towards the lanes, and before the driver could regain control of the large vehicle they collided with at least one of the two cars involved in the prior collision.

Emergency response teams reached the scene shortly afterwards, called in by either one of the participants in the two crashes or by a witnesses to the scene. When they arrived, they immediately noticed that the driver of the truck was unresponsive. Believing that the truck driver likely suffered from some sort of medical emergency, the first responders began to assist the individual. It was while they were in the process of removing the truck driver from the truck that an angry swarm of bees assaulted the first responders. It seems that the flatbed of the truck was carrying numerous pallets loaded with beehives. In the collision with the cars at least one of these pallets had come unsecured, releasing bewildered bees into the air.

By some miraculous coincidence, there were two people close to the scene of the crash who were professional beekeepers. These two people were able to don their beekeeping outfits, fasten the load of bees to the truck, and capture all of the rogue bees before anyone else was injured.

The driver of the truck was taken to a nearby hospital, and it is believed that they are making a full recovery from the incident.

No news has come from the Virginia State Police on whether or not any charges will be filed in this case.