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Motorcyclist Dies in Old Town Alexandria Crash

| May 14, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

On Saturday, May 5th, police with the Alexandria Police Department working in Old Town responded to reports of a motorcycle accident near the intersection of Patrick Street and Wilkes Street. The report filed by the Alexandria Police Department indicated that the incident happened close to 7:45 in the morning, during the peak of rush hour. It is not clear exactly what transpired to cause the incident, but we know that it involved a motorcycle and two cars.

The driver of the motorcycle, who was identified only a few days ago, was a 32-year-old Manassas man who was in the Alexandria area for reasons that are not known. Shortly before the accident took place, the 32-year-old-man was on his motorcycle and driving down the southern lane of Patrick Street.

The motorcyclist struck two different vehicles while traveling down the street, and this caused the man to be thrown from the back of his bike and onto the hard ground. The report did not indicate whether or not the two vehicles struck by the cyclist were parked or if they were moving at the time of the collision. It is not believed that anyone in either of the vehicles suffered from injuries as a result of the collision, and the medical first responders arrived to primarily assist the cyclist, who was badly injured in the crash.

The man was lifted from the ground and taken by ambulance to an area hospital. It is not clear what the exact condition of the man was when he was admitted to the medical facility, but we do know that the extent of his injuries were too severe for him to overcome, even with the help of the medical staff. The man was declared dead some time after being admitted to the hospital.

The incident is still under investigation, and the Alexandria Police working within Fairfax County have yet to offer any suggestions as to why the fatal collision occurred. Detectives with the Criminal Investigations Section as well as the Crash Reconstruction Team are in the process of concluding the investigation into the crash and are still accepting any and all information that may be held by witnesses to the incident.