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Man Charged with DUI, Felony Hit-and-Run Following Fatal Virginia Crash

| May 21, 2018 | Hit And Run Accidents |

On Friday, May 11th, Virginia State Police found themselves involved in chasing down a perpetrator behind several hit-and-run incidents along Interstate 66 as well as Interstate 495. Reports from the officers involved indicate that the person believed to be responsible for the incidents came from Maryland and was driving a Honda Accord.

It was around 9:30 in the evening when the first of the incidents involving this man and his vehicle took place along the western bound lanes of Interstate 66. The Accord, which was traveling at an unknown rate of speed, collided with the Toyota 4Runner also traveling in the western lanes. After the collision, the driver of the Accord sped away from the scene, leaving the 4Runner and its driver in an unknown condition. The reports did not indicate if the damage to the 4Runner was serious, but the very fact that the person behind the wheel of the Accord did not stop to take responsibility for their actions means that they placed themselves in a precarious legal situation. Injuries-real or potential-on the part of the person/persons inside of the 4Runner would only exacerbate the circumstances for the Accord’s driver.

After fleeing from the area on I-66, the Accord’s driver exited and attempted to merge onto I-495. As they were navigating the exit ramp from I-66 to I-495, the driver once again caused a collision. This time, they crashed with a Toyota Camry that was already stopped along the shoulder of the area. This second collision apparently disabled the Accord, but the driver, always in a hurry, decided to continue on his way-this time on foot.

He charged a nearby Jersey wall and leapt over the concrete barrier. Their path took them back towards I-66 and the scene of the earlier crash, a fact which perhaps played a part in the ease with which Virginia State Police were able to locate and apprehend the man.

While neither of the two drivers of the cars impacted by the Accord were injured, the driver of the Accord, a 27-year-old resident of Frederick, Maryland, was nevertheless apprehended and charged with two felony hit-and-run accounts as well as a DUI and obstruction of justice. They are currently being held in the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center