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Illegal U-Turn Leads to Two Car Collision in Vienna

| May 25, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

Police working within the Fairfax County city of Vienna responded to reports of an incident that took place on Monday, May 14th, inside Vienna, and involved two vehicles traveling along James Madison Drive and Maple Avenue. According to a piece of information written by the official police working within Vienna, the incident happened just after 4:00 in the afternoon in the eastern lanes of James Madison Drive.

Shortly before the collision, a car that has not been described in any way was driving down the western lanes of James Madison Drive. For reasons that are not clear, the driver of this car decided that they needed to turn around and, there not being a legal space in which to perform this maneuver, chose to do it illegally instead. They slowed their car down, moved into the leftmost lane of the western side of James Madison Drive, and looked for a break in traffic.

Simultaneously to this event, another car, also not described, was driving down the eastern lane of James Madison Drive. The reports from the Vienna Police Department do not speculate as to why the following collision took place, but it appears that the driver of the first car, the one attempting to make the illegal U-turn, either did not see or vastly underestimated their distance from the second car.

As the first car began to turn, they came into the eastern lane of James Madison Drive already occupied by the second car. The first car then collided with the driver’s door on the second car, causing an unspecified amount of damage to the vehicle.

The report did not indicate if there were any passengers in the two vehicles or if the two drivers were the only people involved. It also failed to state whether or not either of the two people involved suffered from any injuries as a result of the collision. We know only that both drivers remained at the scene of the crash following the incident and that the driver attempting to make the illegal U-turn was issued a summons to court for Failure to Pay Full Time and Attention. The date of the court appointment is not known.