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Haymarket Bus-Truck Crash Results in Fatality

| May 31, 2018 | Manslaughter |

Many news reports exist by this time discussing an incident that took place in the Prince William County city of Haymarket on May 23rd. These reports, as well as official statements from the Prince William County Police Department, indicate that the incident took place close to 8:00 in the morning and involved a school bus and a landscape truck. The crash happened in the vicinity of Old Carolina Road and Piedmont Vista Drive.

The landscaping crew had parked their pickup truck in the rightmost lane of travel of one of the two above-mentioned streets. The employees of the landscaping company had exited the vehicle and were in the process of preparing to mow and manicure an area of lawn. The reports did not state who had employed the company or what sort of area it was that they were supposed to mow.

At this time, a school bus being driven by 57-year-old Front Royal resident neared the location of the parked truck. The school bus was empty at the time, although it is not clear if it was on its way to collect children or had just finished dropping them off for the day. It is not known why the driver of the bus failed to see the parked truck, but they failed to change lanes or slow down as they neared the parked vehicle and the school bus collided with the rear of the landscaping truck while still traveling at full speed.

Police officers and paramedics arrived at the scene shortly after the incident took place and were able to remove the driver of the bus as well as the driver of the landscaping truck who was still in the truck when it was hit by the bus. A third landscaper was not injured, although it is not clear if they were in the pickup truck or outside of the vehicle when the crash happened. The bus driver and the landscaper were both taken to nearby hospitals, although it is believed that their injuries were minor.

The brunt of the impact was sustained by a 53-year-old Aldie resident who was also an employee of the landscaping company. At the time of the collision, he was standing at the rear of the pickup, wearing reflective gear and setting up a sign warning motorists to proceed through the area with caution. The injuries he sustained in the incident were fatal, and the paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene of the crash.

The 57-year-old bus driver was charged with involuntary manslaughter.