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Fatal Early Morning Crash in Loudoun County

| May 31, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

A single car accident this past Sunday morning resulted in paramedics and officers with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office rushing to the scene in order to tend to the injuries suffered by at least one person. Official reports from the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office indicate that the incident happened along Berlin Turnpike, early in the morning, although the reports are fairly scantly fleshed out beyond these details.

It does seem certain that a 48-year-old from Charles Town, West Virginia, was driving down Berlin TurnVirpike close to 3:00 in the morning. As this driver passed through Purcellville, inside of Loudoun County, they approached one of the many curves present along this road. The reports do not state if the Charles Town resident is believed to have been in a clear state of mind in the moments leading up to the incident, or if perhaps something had taken place to destabilize her as a driver. It is possible, for instance, that she was intoxicated. It is also possible that a medical emergency struck her just as she was nearing the curve. Another distinct possibility, and not unlikely given the hour of the day at which the incident occurred, is that she was simply tired.

Just before reaching the turn, the Charles Town resident lost control of the vehicle. While this sounds dramatic, it merely means that she failed to follow the road as it turned, suggesting that when the turn took place she was unaware of the road’s path and believed the road to continue going straight. It is also possible that she had simply become incapacitated as a driver.

Her car departed from the roadway and drove along the road’s shoulder for some ways before striking a tree. It is not believed that there was anyone else in the car with her at the time of the crash, and it is also not clear just who called in the crash to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office. It is possible that the crash site was discovered by a passing deputy, but this has been neither confirmed nor denied by the authorities.

The accident remains under investigation while the Loudoun County Police attempt to discover just what happened to cause this fatality.