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Fairfax City Woman Receives Early Morning DUI

| May 29, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

A 53-year-old Fairfax City resident was arrested and charged with a DUI after an officer working with the Fairfax County Police Department initiated a traffic stop on Monday, May 21st. A short report on the incident was issued by the Fairfax County Police Department, and it includes the information that the incident happened shortly after midnight. Due to the time of night when the incident took place, it is highly possible that the officer involved in the traffic stop was on the lookout for drivers behaving in a way that might suggest intoxication.

The report did not include information on what exactly the 53-year-old woman did in order to arouse the suspicion of the officer. We know only that the officer was on patrol when they decided to initiate a traffic stop. When the officer approached the vehicle, they began to interact with the car’s driver. Throughout the course of this interaction, the responding officer came to suspect that the woman was driving while intoxicated. The report did not indicate if the officer subjected the woman to any field sobriety or a Breathalyzer tests, and all we know for certain is that at some point during the communication between the woman and the police officer the officer determined that the woman was inebriated.

The officer then arrested the individual and took her via the patrol car to the Adult Detention Center inside of Fairfax. Once there, the woman was officially charged with a DUI. A search must have taken place of the woman’s vehicle or person because she was also charged with possession of marijuana. The report did not indicate if the officer had reason to believe that the woman had consumed the plant or if she simply had some marijuana in her car or on her person but had not ingested any of the substance.

At the time of this writing, it is believed that the bail for the woman was set at $2000. It is not known if she was able to post bail and leave the detention center or if she remains incarcerated pending the results of a trail.