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Collision at Busy Intersection Downs Power Lines in Fairfax County

| May 14, 2018 | Auto Accidents |

A incident west of the Interstate 495 Beltway inside of Fairfax County has resulted in the downing of numerous power lines and the creation of a significant traffic snarl in a heavily trafficked intersection. Reports as to the precise cause of the incident are still in the process of emerging from the Fairfax Police Department and other emergency response crews inside of Fairfax County, but we do know that the accident took place at some point in the late morning or early afternoon.

Response efforts are, at the moment, primarily concerned with cleaning up the area and attending to the individuals who were involved in the incident that happened at the intersection of Wakefield Chapel Road and Braddock Road. A photo released by the Fairfax County Police Department or the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue shows what appears to be a grey or tan SUV with a mangled rear end draped over a guardrail at the side of the busy road. Emergency response vehicles are parked nearby with their lights on while firefighters and other emergency personnel attend to the crashed car. From the picture, it does not appear that anyone remains inside of the vehicle, but given the level of damage to the back of the car/truck it seems highly probable that at least one other car/truck was involved in the incident.

No word has surfaced from official Fairfax County emergency response groups as to the precise number of cars involved, and we are similarly in the dark regarding whether or not anyone was injured in the incident. Immediately following the crash, Wakefield Chapel Road was completely closed in both of its directions. Braddock Road was also completely shut down except for one lane which was allowing traffic through.

Emergency response personnel within Fairfax County are still working to determine exactly what happened to cause the crash in the first place. It is believed that additional reports will emerge as more information is compiled by the police and the crash reconstruction team.

The report did not indicate how many Fairfax County homes were without power, and it also failed to mention just how long the power outages were expected to last.