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Officers with the Virginia State Police are currently investigating an incident that took place this past Saturday night along I-95 in Stafford County that resulted in the death of a person on foot and her dog. Corinne Geller, the spokesperson for the Virginia State Police, issued a statement on behalf of the police force that provides the public with the most up-to-date information on the incident. The report does conclude with the notice that the entire incident is still under investigation; however, many of the most pertinent facts in the case are currently available. 

We know, for instance, that it was shortly before 10:00 at night when a 28-year-old Stafford resident was driving her Toyota Camry down the southern lanes of the Interstate 95. Something occurred in the car that caused the driver to collide with the guardrail along the southern lanes of the interstate, and this collision it seems either smashed one of the rear windows or caused a door to open in the rear of the car or perhaps a window was already open and the force of the crash simply startled the woman’s dog to the point where it leapt out of her car of its own volition.

The driver of the car, seeing the dog running down the interstate, also exited the vehicle and began to chase them. The dog ran into the highway’s southern lanes, and the woman followed. It was at this point that a Honda Civic came down the highway. The driver of the car was reportedly not able to stop their vehicle from colliding with the woman. Geller also told reporters that the dog was struck, although the report did not indicate if both the dog and its owner were struck by the Civic or if there was a second car involved in the tragic event.

Paramedics and other first responders rushed to the scene, but there was nothing that they could do for the badly injured woman or her pet. They were both declared dead at the area where the crash happened.

It is believed that the driver of the Civic remained at the accident site during the initial investigation and questioning and that they were fully cooperative with the Virginia State Police who conducted the preliminary examination of the scene.