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Injuries were sustained by at least one person after a collision that happened on Friday, April 20th, in the Fairfax County city of Vienna. According to the official report from the Vienna Police Department, the indict took place at 4:35 in the afternoon, during rush hour and while many people throughout the area were attempting to travel from their places of work to their homes. We know that the collision took place at the intersection of Maple Avenue and Lewis Street Northwest and that it involved two vehicles, one of which was attempting to make a turn through the intersection.

Traffic had been stop-and-go through the area for some time, and it seems that this factor led to some confusion on the part of one of the drivers involved in the collision. This driver was in the eastern lanes of Maple Avenue, and they were working on turning left off of this street onto Lewis Street. The second car involved was driving down the western lanes of Maple Avenue, and there is no indication that they were trying to turn off of this road.

A statement taken from the driver of the first car, the one in the eastern lane of Maple Avenue, indicates that the driver thought that traffic had stopped in Maple Avenue’s west lane. Seeing what they believed to be an opportunity to cross the traffic flow and enter Lewis Street, the driver accelerated through the intersection. Unfortunately, their supposition that traffic had indeed stopped was proved incorrect and the driver of the car traveling down Maple Avenue’s western lane collided with the car trying to turn from the eastern lanes of Maple Avenue onto the northern lane of Lewis Street.

Either a witness to the collision or one of the two drivers involved called 9-1-1 and soon emergency services working within Fairfax County arrived at the scene to assist. The driver of the car attempting to make the turn was injured in the incident and the paramedics removed the victim from their damaged car and transported them to a nearby hospital. Reports indicated that their injuries were not life-threatening.