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Very little information has been released regarding an incident that took place at Nutley Street Southwest and Kingsley Road Southwest in Vienna on Monday, March 19th, shortly before 8:30 in the morning. A report from Vienna Police Department that appeared on their official Twitter page shortly after the crash took place indicated that the incident involved two drivers, both of whom were traveling in the southern lanes of Nutley Street Southwest. It seems also that both of the cars in question were traveling down the same southern lane. 

At the time of the incident, the area of Nutley Street Southwest where the two drivers were traveling was still congested from the morning rush hour traffic, and it was the responsibility of all drivers in the area to remain aware of the traffic conditions around them as they navigated the roads to their final destinations.

The driver of the car that was in front of the other car involved in the incident approached a wall of traffic and slowed down and stopped their car. It is not clear just how closely the second car was following the first, but it seems that the driver of the second car was not aware that the first had slowed down and stopped. We do not know if the driver of the second car was distracted by their phone or maybe by another individual inside of the car, or if there were perhaps other circumstances that prevented them from giving the appropriate amount of attention to the road, but regardless, as they approached the stopped line of traffic they failed to slow down enough to initiate their own stop and instead collided with the vehicle directly in front of them.

It does not appear that the force of the collision was enough to send the first car into the rear of the car in front of it, meaning that the crash was limited to just the two cars. It also does not appear that the incident was severe enough to result in any immediately recognizable injuries for either of the two drivers.

The driver of car that rear ended the first car was cited for failing to pay proper attention to the roadway. It is not clear if they received any other charges.