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On Sunday, April 8th, several collisions happened along Interstate 95 that resulted in the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue to spread itself rather thin in an attempt to respond adequately to all reported incidents. While the official reports from the scenes of the various collisions indicates that there were little or no injuries that happened as a result of the crashes, we do know that numerous cars were involved in each of the collisions.

The first crash took place along the Express Lane of Interstate 95 south. We believe that this crash happened close to the crossover of Interstate 95 and Backlick Road. The report did not indicate what is thought to have precipitated the collision, nor did it state how many cars were officially numbered as being involved in the crash. We also do not know if any individual or individuals are being held responsible for the crash and if any charges have yet been filed against them.

The second collision happened close to the first, although not in the Express Lane. This crash took place in the normal southern lanes of Interstate 95 and occurred shortly after I-95 passes by the Fairfax County Parkway. In a similar manner to the first crash, this second collision was not described in any way other than to say that none of the numerous people involved were injured badly enough to require hospitalization. The precise causes of the second crash, like the first, were not given or speculated upon, and it is not known if any person or persons are being held responsible for the incident.

Although no one was transported to a hospital after the crashes, and although no injuries were officially reported after the collisions, it is often the case that internal trauma does not make itself immediately known after an accident. Many people who find themselves involved in a collision are not aware of the damage done to their body until days, weeks, or even months after the incident itself takes place. It is important, therefore, if you are involved in a crash, to ensure that you receive the proper medical examination afterwards regardless of whether or not you believe yourself to be injured.